‘Something that comes from the heart certainly has the endurance and the color of its origin.’
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Arrive, feel comfortable and enjoy

As our guest, we would like to please you!

We want you to feel at ease! A good morning starts with a friendly welcome at our rich breakfast buffet in lovingly decorated premises.

It’s our wish for you to start your day successfully and be able to let the evening fade away in our cozy ambiance. Our small, comfortable hotel garden invites you to relax on beautiful summer days as well!

Enjoy yourself in our familiar atmosphere, which we maintain with heart, kindness and hospitality.

We are based on longstanding and motivated employees. They’re our guarantor for friendliness and cleanliness. Together with them we were able to win the, as well as the GMP-award three years in a row by now.

Your wellbeing and your contentment is our duty!
Your recommendation is our desire!
Your return as a friend of our house is our goal!

We are also a member of the PrivateCityHotels.
Our guests take the center stage in our family-hosted private hotels in Nuremberg, Salzburg and Vienna.