Here you can find a small overview of the most significant sights and attractions in Nuremberg. Those historic buildings, museums, castles and much more must be seen!

The Albrecht-Dürer-house

Albrecht Dürer lived and worked since 1509 until the day he died in the estate, which was built in 1420, right beneath the Nuremberger castle. The freshly re-designed permanent exhibition shows the artist in all his facets. Its visitors can catch a glimpse of the life of Albrecht Dürer, the worldwide well-known painter.


The Nuremberger Christkindlesmarkt is one of the oldest and surely one of the most known Christmas markets in the world. In the small wooden cabins of the ‘village of wood and cloth’ you can find lots of traditional, often also hand-crafted Christmas decorations and countless sweet delicacies such as gingerbread and ‘Spekulatius’, a special German butter almond biscuit.

DB traffic museum

The DB traffic and locomotive museum as a company museum of the German Railway PLC is one of the most popular attractions here in Nuremberg. You can click here to see our special offer for the locomotive museum.

Documentation center – Nazi party rally grounds

Nuremberg is one of the few cities in Germany that is faced with lots of historic heritage of the Nazi period. Until this very day, the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg are filled with buildings and premises that reflect the Nazi megalomania on an area, that is as large as 560 soccer fields.

Experience for the senses

The annual exhibition at the ‘Wöhrder Wiese’ invites you over to explore the world of your senses with more than 70 stations which will demand your feeling-, hearing-, seeing-, tasting- and smelling-skills!

Historical rock labyrinth/catacombs

Since many centuries in the underground of Nuremberg, there have been carved countless vault cellars and passageways into the rock, a fascinating labyrinth made out of glowing sandstone. Those unique rock cellars were mentioned in a document around 1380 and they were used for alcoholic fermentation and storage of beer.

The emperors castle

The Nuremberger ‘Kaiserburg’ draws the interest of up to 200.000 visitors a year and is – beneath the Germanic national museum – the historico-cultural tourist attraction of the city. The annual exhibition of the castle offers a unique opportunity to convey its extensive history to the general public on-site.

Casemates & drainage tunnels

One of the historic attractions of Nuremberg is the by many passageways pervaded castle hill. The strictly confidential medieval drainage tunnels, which can be visited nowadays, were used up until the 20. century to provide the citizens with essential supplies.

Playmobil Funpark

The PLAYMOBIL-Funpark in Zirndorf near Nuremberg guarantees a fantastic day all year long for the whole family! On a 90.000 square-meter area, visitors of all ages can climb, balance and play to their heart’s content! You can click here to see our special offer for the Playmobil Funpark.

The jury courtroom 600

Beginning from November 1945 twenty-one high-level Nazi-representatives were judged by the international military tribunal in the jury courtroom 600. Public tours inform about the historic courtroom and teach about the ‘Nuremberg Trials’.

Toy museum

Nuremberg’s world-famous toy museum is the center of the whole toy world. The museum shows the incredible variety of toys from ancient times up until the presence.

The Tucherland

In the ‘Tucherland’, Nuremberg’s indoor-playground, hell has broken loose! Playing, sliding, climbing and much more! The play- and leisure area near the Marienberg offers countless exciting attractions for the whole family. So in the ‘Tucherland’ your kids can play to their heart’s content on an area of 3.800 square-meters! All year long and in all weathers! You can click here to see our special offer Tucherland.

The zoological garden

Nuremberger tourists simply must visit the zoo! You should experience the zoological garden, whether you’re from a big city or a rural area – there is something for every whim! You will get the unique opportunity to relax and observe animals from distant countries. You can click here to see our special offer for the Nuremberger zoo.